["pipe", /paɪp/]

FTP For Cloud Storage Drives

p1p3 is an FTP Adapter for your cloud drives (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive etc.)

With p1p3 you're able to access your cloud drive with any FTP client — as if your cloud drive was an FTP-Server.

Because when it's impossible or impractical to install native cloud drive software on a device (server, PC, webcam, embedded), there's most certainly an FTP client available by default.

With p1p3 you now can:

Q & A

What's the status of the project?
We have an early prototype.
When will it launch?
We're expecting to have a public version in early 2019.
How does it work?

On a personal dashboard on our website you add a cloud drive account. We'll then create an FTP login for it (server address, port, username, password) which you can use with an FTP client to access the files on your cloud drive.

So basically p1p3 is an adapter that sits between your FTP client and the cloud drive. What this adpater does is to translate FTP commands into API calls of the cloud provider and to stream the data (files etc.) between the two in real time.

What does the name "p1p3" mean?

"p1p3" is just the nerdy spelling of the word "pipe". It's also pronounced as "pipe" [/paɪp/]. Piping or pipelining in software is a widely concept for a sequence or chain of processes, especially on UNIX-like systems. We feel that name is a good fit because instead of storing files we just "pipe" them through.

But FTP is insecure!
True, FTP connections are not encrypted. That's why we're working on an SFTP implementation as well.
However sometimes an FTP client is all you've got and security might not be one of the most important criteria.
Which cloud providers will be supported?
We're starting with Dropbox but aim to eventually support all popular cloud drives.

Want to stay in the loop about p1p3 or have another question?

We'll hopefully soon have a proper website with an email subscription form and all that other landing page stuff on it. In the meantime follow "p1p3dotnet" on Twitter and / or just write us an email by hitting "Contact" below. Happy to answer!